Backgrounds and references

The preamble of the lege artis Academy e.V.

The law is indispensable as a constituent element of the state and society. His creation is a cultural achievement of the first order and a foundation of democratic coexistence.

Nonetheless, the law is endangered in many ways. Complexity and sophistication are increasingly viewed negatively. The law loses its appreciation if its practice falls short of the claim to derive the decision of specific conflicts of interest from comprehensible, abstract general rules. The appreciation of the law is therefore directly related to the qualifications of its users.

Well-known voices have called for the law to be strengthened in order to preserve the democratic constitutional state. A central element of this is the quality of legal training. The association believes that striving for excellence - along with other initiatives - is both sensible and necessary. The focus is on two aspects:

1. High-quality legal work based on a central skill: the sovereign mastery of the legal method.

2. Teaching is as good as its teacher:

3. According to the famous dictum of the former judge at the Federal Constitutional Court, Wolfgang Böckenförde, the liberal, secular state lives on conditions that it cannot guarantee itself. According to Böckenförde, the state can only exist as a free state if the freedom it grants its citizens is regulated from within, based on the moral substance of the individual and the homogeneity of society. The state cannot attempt to guarantee these internal regulatory forces by means of legal coercion and authoritative command without giving up its freedom.

The above-mentioned premises are combined in the efforts of the association to advertise material and immaterial support in order to be able to effectively pursue its statutory purposes.

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