Lege artis brought me the "sunrise". Here I stand and can only thank you.

Dirk S. München

I particularly liked, in addition to the main exercise, your empathy that you answered all the questions I / we asked you comprehensively.

Dominique F., Bonn

All in all, I would like to say that since the seminar I have been floating on a cloud of enthusiasm and motivation, as it were: I was taught the practicality and aesthetics of an artful solution approach, which has renewed and increased my enthusiasm for jurisprudence.

Zelda B., Freiburg

My eyes were opened to think for myself, to look into the law and not just memorize the schemes of the university and the rep

Julia H., Passau

I hope that lege artis will continue and that more and more students can be reached. I am convinced that this would be a great gain for the quality of the legal education

Sophie R. Münster

My aha experience is the (constantly repeating) experience of what full contact with the law feels like. Wow! This has always been a miracle for me since the major exercise.

Annika S. München

I particularly liked the relaxed, yet purposeful, conscientious manner of the event. It was always allowed to make mistakes. This dramatically increased the learning effect.

Marc O., Düsseldorf

My aha experience was that I finally understood what the “goal of the game” is. In addition, I was amazed at how much power you can develop with just a few words if you are aware of your reference system.

Malena A. München

In the seminar there were moments when I just thought: YES! - Yes, I want to do exactly THAT! Do this art on the written word. With this dedication and enthusiasm that is so tangible here.

Anna S., München

lege artis is absolutely unique

Marc O., München